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A radiant mandarin to taste the first light of dawn.

The first fresh and bright rays of daybreak always seem miraculous. They pierce the night sky with the promise of a blank page, a new adventure to experience. A special moment that the Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has sought to capture with a sundrenched mandarin. Revealing all of its facets in broad daylight, the fruit is illuminated by sambac jasmine and imbued with the freshness of a blackcurrant accord. Le Jour Se Lève is an optimistic and stimulating breath of early morning air. An invitation to set off for new horizons.

Key notes:

  • Mandarin from Italy
  • Blackcurrant accord
  • Sambac jasmine
  • Incense and musk accords
  • Peony accord
  • Osmanthus

All orders come with free samples and are 100% authentic.

Le Jour Se Leve by Louis Vuitton

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