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Like a garment free of all non-essentials, the Armani style consists of adding nothing but refinement to attain an extreme and authentic sophistication. A natural elegance possessed of an allure that stems from the act of pure, essential creation. This same compelling spirit underlines the timeless and refined design of the SÌ bottle. Structured yet simple, its foundation, neither truly square nor truly round, elegantly draws the eye to its tapered curves, and cap, which is inspired by a number of sources. The cap’s colour, deep black, and its refined finish recall Bakelite; its form is unconventional and pure, similar to a creation of haute couture. A game of masculine/feminine reflection, the SÌ bottle plays on the duality between strength and lightness. Transparency, deep black density, and nude rose are thus combined in perfect harmony. Two golden rings at the base of the cap and bottle seal in the power

The Sí by Giorgio Armani

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